About Hub live

This site is the corporate and community face of CSU. It demonstrates who we are as a University. It is designed for anyone who is new to CSU, but also for the general community to stay up to date with what we’re doing.


The idea of creating a site dedicated to portray CSU started in 2017. We found that much of the information about CSU lived in different sites and was hard to find. To give users the best first impression possible of our university, our goal was to create a single hub of information about CSU.

Where we started

With our goal in mind, we took to:

  • Identifying all the content that described CSU
  • Organising this content in a way that made sense to users
  • Testing the new structure with users and getting their feedback
  • Refining the structure based on the feedback we received

Visual design

Once we were happy with the structure, we started on the visual design. We wanted a clean look and feel that was attractive and easy to get around. To achieve this, we used a ‘card’ layout to show different sections of the site in a consistent and easy-to-follow way.

Build and content migration

Next came the build. We took the design and created a shell, ready for the content to be migrated.

After an audit of our content, we migrated it into the new structure. As we were doing this, we looked at the terminology we were using and made it friendlier for everyday users.

Getting ready for launch

Before sending the site out to the world, we decided to crowdsource our feedback. We wanted people within CSU to use the site and give us their impressions. This would give us a broad range of ideas, while also making sure our content was up to date and factually correct.

What you can find in this site

The site covers:

  • Our university and what we stand for (our ethos)
  • Where we are located, including our campuses and study centres
  • The work we do in our communities
  • Our work with industry and the partnerships we’ve forged with them
  • How we approach learning and teaching at CSU, including our dedication to Indigenous communities
  • Our focus on research and innovation
  • The services we offer within the community, such as fully functioning dentistry and veterinary facilities