CSU homepage project has commenced!

We had our first reference group kick off meeting and we are all excited to get started.

Broadly, the scope of this project is to deliver a new CSU homepage (and supporting pages as required). In order to do this, we expect to address:

  • purpose and function of homepage
  • business requirements and user needs/expectations, determined through stakeholder interviews and user data, including testing.
  • all other relevant business inputs, such as brand review, student strategy, external review data (Global Reviews Web Benchmarking)
  • competitor analysis
  • governance and ongoing management
  • designing and developing to best practice user experience principles

Go-live is planned for this year, but not expected to occur before September.

Anthony Chapman, Web Project Manager, will manage the project, which will include scheduling a series of showcases throughout the lifecycle of the project, starting early next month.  These will be an opportunity for you to receive updates, see progress, ask questions, and have input etc. If you can’t attend these yourself, please ensure that you delegate responsibility to a representative from your area.

Reference Group Membership

Area Person
Web Office Cade Whitbourn, Operations Manager
Division of HR Raegan Petzel, Executive Officer
DVC (Academic) Vanessa Salway, Manager, Information Services
DVC (Students) Shawn Walker, ED Marketing and Communication
PVC (Learning and Teaching) David Cameron, Director, Learning Resources
DVC (RDI) A/Prof Laura Dan, Knowledge Exchange & Engagement
OGCA Leanne Egan, Executive Officer
OGCR Aaron McDonnell, Manager, Community Relations
OVC Manager, Internal Communications

Reference Group Terms of Reference

  • Meet regularly (e.g. monthly) throughout lifecycle of CSU homepage redevelopment;
  • Provide input into decision making regarding the homepage purpose, functions, audience representation, layout, design, content etc.;
  • Provide input based on business objectives and data about user/audience needs and interests;
  • Provide updates on homepage project progress and decisions back to business areas they represent;
  • Members can extend invitation to others to attend specific meetings as required.