Website search replacement

The Web Office are currently leading a project to replace our current website search application Google Search Appliance with Squiz Funnelback.

Squiz Funnelback is an Australian-based product offered by our current Content Management System vendor, Squiz. Squiz Funnelback is a well-regarded product that is highly capable and easy-to-use. It offers improved functionality ‘out of the box’, including ‘Higher Education’ Courses search, auto-suggest, easy result filtering, a powerful administrative interface and the ability to easy ‘tune’ website results for the best possible user experience.

We are currently on-track to release the Squiz Funnelback application mid-December, which will see all our major sites updated to display search results from this new system.

An example mock-up of Squiz Funnelback installed as our CSU website search