Online Course Brochures: Multi-Session Solution

Online course brochures (OCBs) on the CSU website are a key source of course information for prospective students. The aim of the OCBs is to provide detailed, engaging information about our courses and encourage prospective students to apply.

The Content team within the Division of Marketing and Communication (DOMC) currently develop and maintain a suite of approximately 700 online course brochures – one for each course with each showing up to two separate years of information. 

The old OCBs had a limitation that prevented multiple years being displayed at once. For example, if a course had 201890 and 201930 sessions open – content for the 201930 session could not be advertised until 201890 was closed.

With the new OCBs Multi-Session template we can display the current year’s course information, plus course information for the next year as soon as content is approved. The ability to promote upcoming sessions and display multiple years’ worth of data significantly improves our capacity to advertise to future students.

Screenshot of an online course brochure showing the drop down option to choose which year's course information is displayed

The project involved redesigning the OCB template and rewriting the integration, as well as updating the content and sourcing information from the Handbook to ensure consistency.  We have reached completion of this work – 100% of our OCBs were migrated to the new Multi-Session template over October.