Data storage solution

We have recently upgraded our data storage with the addition of a pair of AFF-A300s (All-Flash FAS). The new high-performance storage not only delivers a speed boost over the current systems but also reduces the floor and power footprint of our Sydney based datacentres.

The current storage solutions are getting near end of life. The addition of high performance storage gives us the ability to keep the older storage around for a few more years, while keeping up with the growth in our virtual machine footprint.

We have provisioned one of the AFFs in each of our two datacentres. One will mirror the other array to provide backup in case of failure or loss of our primary datacentre while hosting our DEV (Development) and QA (Quality Assurance) services.

So what does 90 Terabytes of storage looks like these days?….

AFF-A300 data storage machine
AFF-A300 – data storage solution