Extended IT Support Service for Students

DIT is excited to announce that in collaboration with the Division of Student Administration we are extending the IT support hours provided to our students. The overall support availability will be expanded from our regular operational service to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – including weekends and public holidays.

CSU Student Central staff at desk with a student
CSU – Student Central

It is intended the service be implemented as supplemental to the existing service desks offered by Student Central and DIT, focussing on first level telephony support. This support will be provided by a service partner who will have access to the required CSU knowledgebase. As a first level support offering, our partner will not have access to CSU systems for in-depth troubleshooting – these interactions will be escalated to the IT Service Desk for resolution during business hours.

The project aims to deliver a more ‘fit to my life’ service – supporting our students by building IT capability, enhancing their overall experience and providing peace of mind during their learning with CSU. The additional support service will be of particular benefit to students who work full or part-time and are studying in the evenings.

CSU Student Central staff assisting a student at a desk
Student Central staff assisting a student

We hope these objectives will lead to further positive outcomes such as increased retention rates, a boost to CSU’s reputation and ensuring our services are competitive with those offered by other Australian universities.

The project objectives are directly aligned with a key CSU strategic focus area – Our Students.

The project is currently in a Request for Quote stage. We hope to select a service partner by mid-December and have the service up and running by Session 201930.