Banner v9 Upgrade and De-Customisation

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As a critical part of the Major Business Systems Renewal program, the Banner v9 Upgrade and De-Customisation Planning project is in progress, delivering a detailed plan for a successful upgrade and de-customisation of the current Banner student and finance systems.

This major upgrade to Banner will maintain currency, vendor support and provide access to new capabilities. The project team is working to reduce and eliminate modifications to the system wherever possible. Reducing customisation will lessen complexity and provide flexibility.

The project aims to deliver these outcomes:

  • A clear business and technical transition plan for dependent systems within the CSU technology ecosystem.
  • Mapping of the Banner v9 feature set against current and future business process to determine possible changes to align with new Banner functionalities.
  • Successful management of business and technical change and a full understanding of cost/effort.
  • Active stakeholder engagement from early in the process.
  • Clearly identified resource profile/effort/scheduling for both CSU and participating vendor teams.

What are the impacts?

The planning for the future upgrade and de-customisation of the two core Banner environments will primarily affect the Division of Student Administration (DSA), Division of Information Technology and Finance. There is minimal impact to business processes at this early stage.

What have we achieved?

Working with our partners in Finance and DSA, a full review of Banner forms has been undertaken. This has resulted in the identification and retirement of Banner forms that are no longer required.

The Banner vendor ‘Ellucian’ has started working to transform remaining forms into a format supported by the new version. The business will then validate and test forms to ensure they work as expected.

The project has finalised requirements and begun work on the upgrade of Banner 9 Development Environment.

Where to next?

The upgrade itself will form a separate project that is scheduled to kick-off in Q1 2019. However some preparatory technical work has commenced.

This upgrade will include a significant degree of organisational change management, communications and engagement throughout 2019 to ensure a smooth and well-managed transition to the new platform.