Change management at CSU

Did you know that CSU now has a Change team?

The Change team has formed to help deliver on the University Strategy and assist the university to adapt and thrive in a changing environment. The team has adopted a Change Framework that looks at how we prepare for, manage and reinforce changes – so that we can be consistent and efficient and get change right!

The framework uses a model called ADKAR:

  • Building Awareness of the change and why it’s happening
  • Creating the Desire to be a part of the change
  • Giving staff the Knowledge and Ability to adopt the change
  • Reinforcing the change so that it sticks and helps us achieve our vision and goals

The Change team will work with leaders across the university to help them lead and manage change in a proven and results-driven way. To find out more about change management at CSU check out the Successful change web page or contact the Change team.

Be the change you want to see.