Banner v9 Upgrade – Implementation project

The Banner v9 Upgrade project forms a critical part of the Major Business Systems Renewal program and consists of two major pieces of work – the Banner v9 Upgrade and De-Customisation Planning project and the Banner v9 Upgrade – Implementation project.

As the first of these pieces of work, Banner v9 Upgrade and De-Customisation Planning project, comes to a close – the Banner v9 Upgrade Implementation project steadily gains momentum.

The project team has focused on the elimination of system modifications in the early stages of the project – this will ensure an overall reduction in system complexity while significantly enhancing flexibility.

What have we achieved?

The planning project has delivered the following outcomes:

  • A clear business and technical transition plan for dependent systems within the CSU technology ecosystem.
  • Mapping of the Banner v9 feature set against current and future business process to determine possible changes to align with new Banner functionalities.
  • A plan and strategy for the successful management of business and technical change and a full understanding of cost/effort.
  • A clearly identified resource profile/effort/scheduling for both CSU and participating vendor teams.
  • Establishment of the first Banner 9 environment (Development) using an updated technology platform, positioning CSU to commence the next phase of implementation.
  • Commencement of the technical transition of required CSU customised forms.

Where to next?

The implementation project will leverage the above outputs to achieve the following objectives:

  • Deliver the end to end technical upgrade.
  • Work with the vendor and their partners to transform existing custom forms to new technology.
  • Manage the overall Organisation Change Management (OCM) aspect of the project using the Prosci ADKAR framework.
  • Ensure operational staff receive training and support throughout the upgrade.
  • Provide frequent and informative communications and updates to the business community.

The Banner v9 Upgrade – Implementation project will continue building upon its strong foundations in order to deliver a successful upgrade and de-customisation of the current Banner student and finance systems. This will ensure that Banner maintains currency and vendor support while providing access to new capabilities.