Squiz Content Management System (CMS) upgrade

We have recently upgraded to a new version of our website CMS that will improve our efficiency in managing our web content.

The version upgrade (from version 5.4 to 5.5) was completed overnight between Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 February 2019. This meant that any impact to our web content editors was minimised, with no CMS editing downtime during business hours.

CSU is now on the latest version of the CMS software and in a good position to upgrade to the next major version (6.0) when released later in 2019.

Improvements we can now take advantage of with this current version:

  • Workflow improvements for Edit+ users e.g. you can now approve content to go Live in a single step, saving multiple clicks.
  • Lots of UI and UX improvements for Admin users, including:
    • AJAX saving ( so you don’t lose your spot on the page when you Save)
    • Menu bar improvements, including fixed scrolling for easy access to key functions anywhere on the page, and quick asset field filtering
    • The ability to purge selected assets from the trash or multiple assets, and the ability to clear cache on selected pages
    • Custom asset map root nodes, configurable for user groups, so you can load any site you wish to edit – in one click
  • SAML integration refactoring, which may lead to authentication process improvements.
  • PHP 7.1 support.
  • Matrix accelerator cache support, which should lead to easier cache management and much faster performing web pages, when we can take advantage of this new technology.


If you have any questions about the upgrade please contact Cade Whitbourn – Web Operations Manager.