2020 Technology Initiatives round – stay tuned!

The 2020 Technology Initiatives round opens on 10 June 2019.

Full details regarding the process will be provided closer to that date, however you can request information earlier by contacting John Smith – Senior Manager, IT Project Portfolio – on 19783 or jfsmith@csu.edu.au.

The timeline below provides an indication of the steps involved in the new initiative submission and review process:

Call for new initiative expressions of interest 10 June
TGC meeting – expressions of interest reviewed and feedback provided to proposers 6 August
First draft of initiatives completed by proposer 16 August
Secure initial stakeholder endorsement and support from impacted areas and senior staff 23 August
First resource estimation workshop 26 August
Second resource estimation workshop 6 September
Finalise stakeholder endorsement, resource profile, funding estimate and cost benefit analysis 16 September
Closing date for detailed initiative submissions 20 September
Release documentation to TGC members for review27 September
TGC new initiatives meeting 18 October

You can find out about current and upcoming initiatives on our Technology Initiatives web page.

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