Building better websites with user feedback

The challenge

The Web Office is responsible for the design and development of the university’s numerous web environments, spread across a range of user communities including faculty, prospective students, current students, general staff and others.

From attracting new students, to better engaging with existing students and faculty, user feedback is a vital component of our web strategy.

In order to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital world, the Web Office needed a better way of collecting user feedback and making it an integral part of the development cycle.

The solution

The Web Office has implemented Usabilla’s website voice of customer solution which allows us to put the user at the centre of the digital development process.

For example, during a recent homepage redesign process we gathered over 150 pieces of feedback from our users to inform the redesign and go-live process.

As part of our project management framework, we routinely enable Usabilla (customer satisfaction and user feedback) at key points for all new websites delivered.

Usabilla has helped the Web Office to:

  • better engage with our user communities, bringing them along on the digital journey by not only providing them with a voice but ensuring they know it is being heard
  • create a greater awareness and understanding of user insights as a result of receiving feedback directly from the user
  • replace costly, time consuming methods of user feedback collection with a simple-to-use real-time solution that delivers immediate access to key insights
  • put user feedback directly into the hands of the development team
  • create user environments that are truly reflective of the users’ needs.

“User validation is a key component of the CSU web strategy and while this has traditionally been a time consuming, manual process for us, the introduction of Usabilla  means we are now able to gather feedback from each step of the user journey, delivering a constant stream of insight back to the development team, enabling them to continue to improve that journey in line with user expectations.”

Paula Woodhouse – User Experience Manager, Web Office

Key takeaways

  • Usabilla delivers real-time user feedback to the Web Office team to help embed feedback as an integral part of the design process, and remove the friction between UX, Design and Development.
  • The integration with Jira means feedback is automatically routed to the right team member ensuring that action is taken quickly and efficiently.
  • Closing the user feedback loop ensures continued user engagement with the process.

Usabilla has helped us gain greater clarity into what users think, gauging our site’s current success and guiding the development process in creating more engaging user experiences.

More information

The User Experience and Design stream of the Web Office is responsible for Usabilla. If you have any questions contact Paula Woodhouse.