Funnelback approaching a million searches served!

In December 2018, we deployed our new Enterprise Search tool, Funnelback, to replace our deprecated Google Search appliance.

This search platform from Squiz – the same vendor who provisions our content management system (CMS) – has now served 934,000+ searches to the public, logged-in students and authenticated staff members.

For those interested in analytics and stats, we have a ~48% click-through rate for public searches, which means every second search is generating a visit into a Charles Sturt site.

We’ve also had an uptime of 99.97% in this seven month period, with no unscheduled outages at the server end.

In addition to reporting the numbers, Funnelback has given us the ability to tune our search results, apply “Best Bet” results that we can manage at a very granular level, review the reading age of our crawled content, and optimise the search experience for our users.

We have been able to balance these insights against our Google and Adobe Analytics results. This assists us with updating content where there is demand from users, gaps in search results, or if we identify a need to reinforce specific messaging within pages.