Banner v9 Upgrade – August update

Since our update at the start of June 2019, the Banner v9 Upgrade project has ticked off a number of tasks on its critical path to delivery, including the finalisation of testing for newly transformed Banner forms and the successful cutover of integrations in the new Quality Assurance (QA) environment.

Completion of these milestones means that the project now progresses into the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. We are tracking on budget and set to meet the scheduled go-live – Labour Day long weekend – Friday 4 October to Tuesday 8 October 2019.

What have we achieved?

The Banner vendor has delivered all of the forms that were submitted to them for transformation – 94% have passed testing and received sign-off from the business and we expect that the final 6% will be completed shortly.

Successful completion of integration cutover activities for the Banner v9 QA environment provides the business with an opportunity to begin their UAT activities. This takes us into the final phases of the project.

Where to next?

Business stakeholders have been preparing for UAT and they expect to start work on the first test cases early in August. UAT activities will be supplemented with load testing of the environment, to ensure that the system has appropriate resources to handle its transition to production.  

The project team, working with business stakeholders, will be conducting training so that users are familiar with the new system, any changes and new features. We’ll also be ensuring we provide plenty of notice to the stakeholders about the upcoming outage to the production systems over the Labour Day weekend – Friday 4 October through to the morning of Tuesday 8 October.

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