Workflow – Review & Change of Grade

The Workflow – Review & Change of Grade (ROGCOG) project aims to replace two pdf forms with a single web form and associated workflow. We hope that the outcome will reduce manual intervention and administration after grade release.

Why do we need this change?

Grades must be finalised for student progression, appropriate future enrolment, and third-party applications. There are short timelines between grade release and graduation, which means the current process can seriously disadvantage our students. Delays in final grading prevent some students from graduating on time.

Under the current process there are:

  • 5,200 single change of grade requests
  • Over 400 multiple change of grade requests
  • 50,000 – 60,000 touchpoints in one year

Tracking down paperwork for change of grades which contain multiple students is time-consuming. Only a few staff in the Division of Student Administration are able to conduct the search.

What are the desired outcomes?

  • Cut down delays between approval and data entry into Banner.
  • Reduce manual data entry errors through automatic Banner updates.
  • Notify students when there is a change of grade.
  • Establish a central repository of all Change of Grade requests for audit purposes.

We have spent the last few months consulting with our stakeholder groups on the design and establishing the business rules. The first step is a single change of grade process, due for delivery in October 2019.

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If you have any questions about the project, contact Daniel Francisco – Project Manager.

Thank you to Product Owner, Kate Aylmore (Senior Manager – Innovation & Systems, Division of Student Administration) for providing this update.