Student Portal 2019 update

The build of the new Student Portal has passed 75% and is on track for the planned release on Monday 9 December.

The Student Portal is being split into two new sites:

  • The secure portal area where a current student can interact with Charles Sturt, plan their study, see their aggregated calendar and access all their personalised information.
  • A public access site where current, past and future students can learn more about being a student with Charles Sturt.

We have been working with students and specialists from across the university to update content and set the roadmap for new features. As a result, there will be an integrated, one-stop destination for our current students.

The tech…

The new public site is an extension of our existing Content Management System templates. This adds to the consistency of experience for future students, current students and (coming soon) our alumni members.

We have used this new build of the portal as the launch site for our new Mk 3 templates – using Bootstrap 4 as our underpinning CSS framework. With its rich ecosystem and community of developers, we’ve been able to build out the dashboard with fit-for-purpose components, as well as custom components that integrate with our assessment and subject calendaring systems.

If you have any questions about the Student Portal project contact Anthony Chapman – Senior Project Manager, Web Office.