Over $4.5 million funding for new projects!

The Technology Initiatives (TI) 2019/20 round was recently finalised, with over $4.5 million in funding allocated to a range of new projects.

The Technology Governance Committee (TGC) received 27 initial expressions of interest. Of those, 19 gained approval to progress to the full initiative stage. This required proposers to provide detailed information, including:

  • expected benefits
  • alignment to the University Strategy
  • cost-benefit analysis indicating the total cost of ownership over a five year period
  • nature and extent of change
  • project approach
  • resource profile
  • the extent of support from impacted areas of the university

Initiatives were assessed against a number of factors, including alignment to strategy, return on investment, and support of compliance obligations.

Nine critical and high priority initiatives were approved and allocated over $3.5 million in TI funds.

2020 Technology Initiative title PriorityTI allocationDescription
StudyLink Connect Implementation Critical$629,000Adoption of the StudyLink Connect solution to support the recruitment and admission of internal students.
TEQSA and ESOS Legislative Compliance Critical$557,500Changes to core systems to accommodate Commonwealth legislative compliance.
Academic Integrity Policy Renewal Technical Implementation Critical $142,650This project will support the delivery of the technical components of the Academic Integrity Policy renewal Implementation.
Converged IVT and Virtual Classroom Implementation Critical $746,000Implementation of a single software-based video conferencing solution that can cover Interactive Video Teaching, Admin Meetings and Virtual Classroom.
Electronic Assignment Submission System: Investigation & Implementation High$132,000Investigate and implement a solution to support assignment submission that also provides support for automatic plagiarism checking and online marking.
Graduate Planning System (Degree Works) Upgrade High$360,000Major upgrade of the Degree Works graduate planning software.
Data service to intelligently inform future student-centric marketing High$308,000Implementation of Adobe Audience Manager product enabling more targeted and customised marketing to prospects.
Research Productivity Index Investigation High$135,000This investigation is designed to understand what technology platform is required to support the tracking and reporting of performance against the new Research Productivity Index.
Course Design, Accreditation and Publication Implementation High$500,000
Implementing new, and potentially modifying existing, technology and processes that are involved in the development of courses; ensuring their compliance and making them available to a variety of audiences.

A further six medium and low priority TI-funded initiatives have been approved in principle, subject to funding availability and the emergence of other higher priorities. Funding allocations, priority, and approval to commence will be re-assessed by the TGC towards the middle of 2020.

2020 Technology Initiative title Priority TI allocation Description
Personalised Curriculum Investigation Medium $113,000 Investigation into the ability to support students through the automatic identification and promotion of curriculum that is of benefit or potential interest to students at an individual level.
Chatbot Investigation Medium $95,000 Investigation with the aim of developing a framework and approach for the use of chatbot technology.
Digital Adoption Platform Medium $132,000 Aimed at improving the technological proficiency of academics and supporting on-boarding.
Deliver real-time behaviour led experiences, to increase conversion Medium $367,000 Implementation of Adobe Campaign Manager to support automated digital marketing.
Learning Simulations Investigation Low$119,000 Investigation to establish an approach to utilise simulation technology in learning and teaching.
Business to Business CRM Low$122,000 Investigation looking at how to leverage the Dynamics 365 CRM platform to better support and manage our relationships with key external partners.

The TI portfolio also receives an annual SSAF (Student Services and Amenities Fee) allocation to support projects that qualify. This year $670,000 has been allocated to two projects.

2020 Technology Initiative title PrioritySSAF allocation Description
Student Portal 2020 High$500,000 Investigation looking at options for further development and enhancement of the Student Portal and its integration with CRM.
CSU2 Mobile App Redevelopment Investigation Medium $170,000 Investigation to determine what new functionality should be incorporated into any new version as well the technology to use and an approach to its ongoing maintenance and support.

If you have any questions about the 2019/2020 TI round contact John Smith, Associate Director, IT Project Portfolio.