Start of session activities – Client Services and Computing teams

The Client Services and Computing teams started planning and preparing early for the start of session 202030.

Our preparation activities include health checks and audits of the rooms so that we can resolve any issues before the session starts. This involves checking and testing room equipment, such as computers and audio visual equipment. As well as any specialised equipment, lighting, and the general state of the room.

The Client Services team is providing training for academics in using interactive videoconferencing and audio visual equipment in the learning and teaching spaces. This assists academics to deliver successful and uninterrupted classes. Keep an eye on What’s New for training dates.

We also provide training sessions and knowledgebase articles for Student Central. And to ensure students get connected to our wi-fi we provide wireless support.

We have replaced 304 computers in our public access, audio visual and videoconferencing spaces across the university campuses:

  • 223 student access computers
  • 51 learning and teaching space computers
  • 30 video conference room computers

When the timetable is finalised the Service Desk checks that all classes have been correctly booked in the system. We do this to make sure that classes start and end at the right times, and that they are recorded if requested.

Software requested by academics is being updated in readiness for teaching, and we perform regular maintenance on our computer fleet. This ensures staff and students are using updated computers that deliver optimal performance.

The team is processing CSU Replay booking requests to make sure recordings are ready to begin from the start of session. These recordings will be quality checked after session has started.

Our preparation work means we can be certain we are providing enhanced learning and teaching spaces, improving the student experience at Charles Sturt.