Student Portal – 2019, 2020 and beyond!

The Web Office has been busy supporting the new Student Portal since its deployment in December.

Student Portal

We’ve made several bug fixes, small enhancements, and also reworked some features to be more intuitive for our students, including:

  • calendar integration with Allocate+ and Databee for class timetabling and exam scheduling
  • personalised views of student-centric information
  • splitting out of non-personalised content into a public-facing site – Current Students – so that everyone can access it.
Current Students – public-facing site

We are continuing the build of the portal, with a few primary aims for 2020. These include CRM integration, site rationalisation, content rewrites, and extra platform integrations.

In Q4 2019 we established a backlog, which we reviewed at our Albury summit in January 2020. We are now working with the project team to prioritise the backlog. This work will then be estimated and the scope defined.

In parallel, there is ongoing auditing and rewriting of the portal content. This ensures the content provided is relevant, useful and accessible to students when they want it.

We will be sending out more regular updates on the works between CRM and Student Portal as part of a joint communications plan.

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