Admissions Review – Outcomes and Recommendations

The Admissions Review Project came about at the request of the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Team (VCLT), to consolidate the various reviews and proposals occurring in the admissions space.

The project team included representatives from the Divisions of Student Administration, Marketing and Communication, and Information Technology. It focussed on making significant improvements to the processes and technology supporting admissions. It also looked at the structure and culture of the admissions team, and the knowledge within the area.

The project was completed at the end of March, with 20 outcomes and seven recommendations.

Key outcomes

  • A structural review of the admissions function including the implementation of quick wins to improve turnaround times and the quality of assessment.
  • Process improvements including a Lean Process Improvement Workshop and Higher Degree Research Admissions/Scholarship application amalgamation.
  • Improved internal communication and reporting channels.
  • Development of external communications for prospective students, and an approach for new communications.


The VCLT accepted all the recommendations submitted and work is commencing on them.

These included:

  • A new team structure proposal.
  • A single prospective students enquiry point for domestic applicants, and a synchronised approach to advice and communications.
  • Simplified and streamlined admissions systems and processes for both domestic applicants and staff, through the consolidation of admissions systems.
  • A review of admissions KPIs
  • Creation of an information management approach to admissions data.

More information

Contact Sophie Dewar – Manager, Business Analysis and Process, Division of Information Technology.