The Annual Course Reporting project

The aim of the Annual Course Reporting project is to provide an online system (via dashboards) to evaluate and report on the performance of courses.

The system will take into account a number of different metrics (load, attrition, quality ratings, income, etc.) and identify courses at risk. It will also provide the functionality to track and report on activities in place to address identified issues.

The drivers

  • To ensure the annual course review process complies with internal and external requirements, including university policies and the Higher Education Standards Framework.
  • To provide a unified approach to evaluate and report on the performance of a course to key decision-makers across all faculties and schools.
  • To identify courses at risk across all faculties and schools.
  • To provide a system with workflow capabilities to capture proposed and executed action plans. As well as accountability to show continuous improvement to enhance the quality of courses.

Targeted benefits

  • Course directors will be able to easily access and review course metrics to complete annual course monitoring activity.
  • Course directors will be able to focus on courses with the greatest need for intervention.
  • Course teams will have access to completed reviews to guide course improvements.
  • Faculty leadership will have a record of regular course monitoring and course health checks. They will be able to use reports on courses, and action plans for load planning and course revitalisation activities.

The status

We have spent the last few months consulting with our stakeholder groups, collating requirements on design, and establishing the business rules.

The development process is about to commence with a focus on creating the landing page.

More information

Contact Dan Francisco – Project Manager, Division of Information Technology.