Online Exams project

To protect students and staff, Charles Sturt is moving all upcoming exams online.

This change applies to the session one exam period (202030) from 8 June to 19 June, which means a rapid switch to online delivery.

To help guide this initiative we have established a working group that includes representatives from all the faculties, as well as the Divisions of Information Technology, Student Administration, Student Services, and Learning and Teaching.

Project benefits

The move to online for 202030 will ensure students can sit their exams in a safe and secure environment. It also delivers protection for staff required to administer the exams.

The online exam environment will deliver a high-quality educational experience that conforms to all the normal rigour associated with and required of university-level exams.

This initiative has helped to fast-track the delivery of online proctored (monitored) examinations at Charles Sturt. It is likely that these types of exams will become a standard part of our offerings in the future.

Project status

The work to deliver online exams for the 202030 exam period is moving quickly and across a number of levels.

Online exams will conform to one of the following formats:

  • Non time-limited final assessment (EASTS /Test Centre)
  • Time-limited non-invigilated (EASTS /Test Centre)
  • Invigilated online (Examity /Test Centre)

DIT is working to complete the integration of the Examity solution. Extensive work is being undertaken to ensure the student experience is a positive one.

Next Steps

Testing of the online exams will take place and practice exams will be made available to students as we move towards the exam period.

A separate piece of work to solidify support arrangements and deliver timely communications to staff and students is also underway.

More information

Contact Mike Charles – Senior Project Manager, Division of Information Technology if you have any questions.