Change of Grade: changing more than just grades

The new Change of Grade (COG) workflow system went live on 11 March 2020.

The Change of Grade workflow project was designed to replace the Change of Grade PDF form and automate grade entry, but it has done much more than that.

The Change of Grade system:

  • reduces the number of touchpoints in the process by removing the need for a PDF to be passed around
  • notifies decision makers daily if there are requests to approve
  • updates the student’s Banner record immediately on approval of the request, removing all manual data entry
  • notifies the student if this change occurs after grade release
  • has a modern and responsive interface
  • provides greater oversight and transparency of the change of grade process for faculty and school staff
  • has a number of integrity checks and validates in real-time using Banner to reduce errors in the process
  • leverages off existing roles in the Academic Course and Subject Entry System (ACSES) to manage access.

The system also automatically emails the Graduation team and/or Academic Progress team in the Division of Student Administration if there is a student that needs their attention.

Benefits so far

In the first two months after going live:

  • Over 1,000 individual and multiple requests entered into the system, saving 600 hours work collectively for academics and for staff in the Division of Student Administration.
  • Over 1,590 student grades automatically updated in Banner across a range of sessions from 201560 to 202030.
  • An average wait for approval of 1.4 days.

So far, our highest session of COG requests is 201960 with 710 students. And the highest number of students in a multiple change of grade request is 36 students.

Whilst change of grade requests occur throughout the year, the highest volume occurs in October to November with the end of session 2 and the preparation for December graduation.

More information

The Change of Grade workflow project is now closed. We would like to thank all our stakeholders that participated in the Reference Group, usability testing and user acceptance testing.

For more information about the Change of Grade system, contact Simon Barton – Assistant Manager, Exams, Division of Student Administration.