Adobe Connect licence is expiring

The Charles Sturt licence for Adobe Connect will end on 28 November 2020 and many staff have already started using Zoom for their online classes and staff meetings.

What you need to do

If you have not yet started using Zoom you should create a Zoom account.

If you have content and/or recordings in Adobe Connect, this data will become unavailable on 28 November. You need to start thinking about which content and recordings you would like to keep. 

We recommend you archive your content in the Digital Object Management System (DOMS) and archive your recordings in CSU Replay (Panopto).

Archiving recordings in CSU Replay (Panopto)

If you are regularly using the recordings inside Interact2 and you wish to use CSU Replay (Panopto) to edit the recordings or add machine-generated closed captions to the video follow the steps below.

  1. Convert and download your Adobe Connect recordings
  2. Make sure the CSU Replay tool is turned on for your subject in Interact2:
    • Log into Interact2 and navigate to the subject you want to add the recording to
    • Ensure you are in Edit mode
    • Click the + sign in the top left of the screen
    • Click Tool Link
    • Type CSU Replay in the Name box
    • Choose Panopto Course Tool Application in the Type box
    • Tick Available to users and press Submit
    • Click on the newly added link in the left-hand menu and press the Configure button
    • Press the Add Course to Panopto button
    • Press the OK button on the next screen
    • Press the Return to Course button to finish provisioning your CSU Replay course on the CSU Replay server
    • Press the Create button to upload your recordings to the CSU Replay server

Be aware that recordings are retained on the system for 12 months as per the CSU Replay Use and Management Policy. If you need the content to be stored on the CSU Replay server for longer, log a request to have the recording folder preserved from removal.

Go to Record, capture and live stream (CSU Replay) for more information.

Archiving content in DOMS (Equella)

We recommend DOMS for any content that is okay to share with the wider university. 

  1. Download your Adobe Connect content
  2. Contribute your downloaded content via digital media or Learning and Teaching shared resource collections

Note: It is your responsibility to download and archive any Adobe Connect content and recordings that you want to keep.

More information

If you want to know more contact Dawn Calvert – Learning and Teaching Manager, Division of Information Technology.