LinkedIn Learning

All Charles Sturt University staff have access to LinkedIn Learning via their email. Go to the LinkedIn Learning sign in page and follow the prompts to access hundreds of learning resources.

The LinkedIn Learning library can help with any number of learning enquiries you have. These can include:

  • Software self help
  • Professional development
  • Hobbies and interests

Software Self Help

If you find the “help” button in a software program not so helpful, LinkedIn Learning can offer further assistance. You can have a video walk through of most help topics.

In less than 5 minutes you can:

  1. Learn to insert Pivot Tables in excel
  2. Understand the basics of a case in Microsoft Dynamics
  3. Customise your Blackboard Page

Professional Development

LinkedIn Learning is a valuable resource for Professional Development. Courses and Learning Paths can help develop and upskill in multiple areas:

  1. Develop customer service skills
  2. Develop your teaching strategies
  3. Deepen your understanding of accessibilty and accessible learning

Consider your EDRS and how LinkedIn Learning may help achieve your professional goals.

Hobbies and Interests

LinkedIn Learning is not just for the workplace. You can access LinkedIn Learning any time to further personal interests:

  1. Learn ebook publishing
  2. Learn to play the ukulele
  3. Learn calligraphy

LinkedIn Learning can be attached to your current LinkedIn profile if you desire. If you link your profile, your learning can be tracked. It can also be made visible to your LinkedIn network.

If you have any questions about using LinkedIn Learning, please contact Tiffany Harris (Training and Communications officer):