CRM Enhancement List – April to June 2021

See the latest list of enhancements that have been deployed to CRM Dynamics. Each month the CRM team deploys enhancements and bug fixes.


CRM enhancements can be new features that have become available in CRM Dynamics or change requests received from current users. Change requests could be development of a new solution or updates to current functionality. The CRM category is applied to the area of CRM that it relates to for example: Case Management so you know where it has been applied.

Bug Fixes

A bug fix could be from Microsoft that we need to deploy to fix a known issue or it could be an issue from a custom solution that was developed.

Issue TypeCRM CategoryShort Description
EnhancementBDMRemove Send to BDM Notification for Special Considerations
EnhancementCase ManagementLocking the Activity Alert Field
EnhancementCase ManagementNew Case Categories Tier 3  for Faculty Courses Team 
EnhancementBDMLock and Default Send to BDM to Yes for Counselling Team
EnhancementEnhanced DataProvisioning credit subjects in Dynamics – ability to see data in CRM
EnhancementCase ManagementAdd an Additional Status Reason on STEPS for Disability Team
EnhancementPortal FormsUpdates to the Disability Registration form attributes
EnhancementNew Team ImplementationCSU Global Team Implementation
EnhancementEnhanced DataUpdate Proposed Enrolment Tab to enhance filter options and displayed items
EnhancementRequest ManagementIntroduce Notification step into ROG Request
EnhancementRequest ManagementIntroduce Notification step into ROM Request
EnhancementNew Team ImplementationCreate Teams for Safe & Fair Communities
EnhancementRequest ManagementUpdate Request routing rules for Safe & Fair Communities student appeals
EnhancementRequest ManagementApply the function to all Return to Previous stakeholder for Misconduct
BugBDMInclude term code on Misconduct BDM Interactions
EnhancementPortal FormsMultiple content changes for Misconduct Appeals submission form
EnhancementRequest ManagementRe-Design WD grade notification process workflow for Misconducts
EnhancementEmail ManagementEnforce Case Creation for outgoing emails – if the regarding field is blank the send button is hidden. An alert is displayed on the form indicating that the Regarding field is blank or is a contact. The alert is dynamic and will change if a contact is added or removed in the Regarding field. 
EnhancementEnhanced DataPopulate Credit Subjects to Check Transcript Tab
EnhancementEnhanced DataUpdate workflow criteria to Program Enrolment – used to ADD records to marketing lists when criteria matches
BugBDMBDM Document Creation Error – improve BDM workflow to include a re-try process for BDM transactions
EnhancementContact ManagementClear Alternative Email when Contacts are merged
EnhancementContact ManagementUpdate alert message displayed on Policing students
EnhancementEmail ManagementRe-Design Bounced Email Address Action Workflow
EnhancementBDMImprovements to BDM Integration/Processes
EnhancementCase ManagementCustomize timeline options across all entities to ensure all options are available in a consistent way
EnhancementAppointmentsUpdates to Book Appointment button from the contact record in CRM. Included new tool tips and removed redundant services
EnhancementCase ManagementUpdate SME routing table for WPL Teams
EnhancementPortal FormsSitefinity Portal Connector Multi-Domain Add-on – new portal forms connector
EnhancementKnowledge BaseAdd new category to KB to support new Academic Progress Policy solution
BugKBAAPI connection from our Website to Dynamics (via Azure) which retrieves KB article details and it is failing.
EnhancementRequest ManagementAutomatically update notification preferences for all academic staff when added into the CRM
BugBDMUpdate BDM file names for Misconduct BDM transactions
EnhancementPortal FormsUpdate CRM Contact Form for Applications and Admissions enquiries to DFS as owning team
BugUser PermissionsUpdated permissions to allow Disability staff to view Equipment List – Disability team only
New SolutionContact ManagementDuplicate Detection Software enabled for enhanced duplicate detection
New SolutionEventsEnabled tracking of Sessions within Events for Events created in Cvent
EnhancementRequest ManagementEnhancements to Show Cause against Exclusion including Enrolment statsus and new stakeholder workflow
EnhancementEmail ManagementMisconduct team: Update Email Form functionality for Misconduct records to ensure that when you reply to an email the To field will populate with the name of the person who sent to the original email. 
EnhancementCase ManagementUpdate to case categories for Future Students enquiry management
EnhancementData EnhancementCredited subjects have been added to the Contact Courses & Subjects Tab
EnhancementCase ManagementEntity timelines are now sorted by created date, and auto-posts have been suppressed for Current Student Cases & Contacts
EnhancementRequest ManagementUpdates to the Late Add of Subject (Pre-Census) workflow have been deployed