31 May 2020

Stakeholder Management / External Engagement System

The focus of the over-arching CRM project continues to be the "current students" system. Running in parallel to this over the last few months is the Stakeholder Management System project.

The Stakeholder Management System project team has been working with staff from the Office of Industry and Community Engagement to configure the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform to accommodate their needs.

Leveraging the application developed for CSU Alumni, the solution has been built to support the work of the directors of external engagement and community relations officers.

The new system provides the ability to record, track and report on engagement with our key external stakeholders. It will also support marketing campaigns and event management.

The individuals we engage with sometimes represent multiple external organisations. For example, a councillor who also works for a major local employer as well as a sporting body. The system has been configured to take this into account.

Capturing all engagement with external stakeholders means that we have a holistic view of our interactions. This results in more informed and targeted communications.

Next steps

The project team is working through the likely rollout of this system to other groups, such as the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.

Following this, we will allow time for the system to be in use and collect feedback from users. Further development and rollout across other areas of the university will then be considered as a separate activity.

For more information contact John Smith - Associate Director, IT Project Portfolio.

TEQSA and ESOS Legislative Compliance project

The TEQSA and ESOS Legislative Compliance project aims to investigate and implement changes in the way we manage and report regulatory compliance activities.

As part of our legislative responsibilities under the TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency) Act 2011 and ESOS (Education Services for Overseas Students) Act 2000, we have an obligation to report on, analyse and monitor student performance indicators as defined in the TEQSA Risk Assessment Framework.

At Charles Sturt we currently collate and analyse various pieces of information from a combination of our student systems and excel spreadsheets. This is a manual time-consuming process that impacts on our student support resources.

We are working with the Division of Student Administration to identify how we can improve our processes and systems. If our staff can detect student issues sooner, this will result in enhanced student experience and improved retention.

Where to next

We are in the definition phase of the project. Our first milestone, due on 28 February, is to demonstrate to TEQSA that we are taking steps towards becoming compliant. We will meet this milestone by producing a prioritised objectives document, which will also help us to maintain focus on the project’s priorities.

Work also continues in defining the scope and requirements for the project. After this, we will create some prototypes to test which process and system improvements will help us to meet compliance.

More information

If you want to find out more about this project contact Anita Kim - Senior Project Manager, Division of Information Technology.

Research Master v7 upgrade

The Research Master v7 upgrade will provide our researchers, students, ethics applicants, and research administrators with an easy and efficient way to manage all research activities.

This project aims to ensure Charles Sturt University remains a leader in research excellence and that we can continue to deliver meaningful outcomes for industry, government, business, and our communities.

Research Master v7 will supply us with improved system functionality and performance, making information more presentable, accessible and useable. New features, such as the dashboard widgets, provide a better user experience. Relevant information will be more available and presented in a useful manner. This will assist in producing better research and ethics outputs.

Sample RME7 Ethics screenshot - uses all available browser windows

Project Status

We held a three-day workshop in December 2019 at our Wagga Wagga campus. Each area of the Research Office had the opportunity to spend time with the vendor and view the updated product. We also used the time to engage with our other stakeholders in the faculties. And we investigated new options such as the costing and pricing, and examinations management tools.

We are currently in the build phase of the project, with the configuration of new Development and Quality Assurance (QA) environments.

With a new and improved user interface and new features to test, we are expecting to spend some months in QA. This will enable us to fine-tune the system to our needs, update our manuals/user guides, and engage with the wider user community.

A go-live date is yet to be confirmed but we are looking at early in Q3 this year. Stay tuned!

More information

If you would like more information about this project contact Phil Costello - Application Support Officer - Research.